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MTV Iggy — Scratch the Surface: Montreal with Poirier

In this episode DJ Jasmine Solano enjoys the warmth and hospitality of acclaimed DJ/producer Poirier when she brings her party Electric Punanny to his hometown of Montreal. First, Poirier takes Jasmine to the chill bistro Vices & Versa for some poutine and microbrews, then they hit indie record store Atom Heart Musique Alternative before taking a stroll beside the scenic Lachine Canal. When night falls, it’s Jasmines turn to share as she rocks Montreal nightclub Tokyo Bar with her partner in crime MeLo-X.

Producer & Shooter: Beto Vargas

(Source: mtviggy.com)

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MTV Iggy — Scratch the Surface: Singapore with Monstercat

In this episode DJ Jasmine Solano connects to electropop group Monstercat to separate fact from fiction in Singapore. The night after DJing the Social Star Awards afterparty at Marina Bay Sands resort with none other than Grand Master Flash, she meets up with the indie band find the real city. Together they sample local delicacies at Maxwell Food Centre, dive for vinyl rarities at Red Point Record Warehouse and peep fresh street wear in the fashionable boutiques of Haji Lane. Watch the episode to learn the truth about this unique and culturally diverse island republic.

Producer: Beto Vargas

(Source: mtviggy.com)

See Designer Charles Warren Discuss His First Ready-to-Wear Line at NYFW

Meet the couturier turned ready-to-wear designer, whose eye-catching work made its runway debut at NYFW.

By Rana Good

With a background in custom design and an illustrious list of private couture clients, Charles Warren put on his first New York Fashion Week show — and it was set to impress. The designer’s show featured an array of impressively constructed gowns, skirts and pants created with eye-catching materials such as fur, leather and silks.

We caught up with the designer after his first defilée to find out what went into his runway debut. Check out the video, below, to hear him discuss the “personalities” of his fabrics, his inspiration for the collection and the work that went into the show.

Shooter + Editor: Beto Vargas

Rapper Pusha T on Kanye, Pharrell and that Much-Anticipated Clipse Reunion.

While celebrating the fifth anniversary of his Play Cloths line, the rapper gave us a peek of what’s in store for him in 2014.

By Nisha Gopalan

Last year, Pusha T — the frequent Kanye West collaborator who made his name as one-half of the exceptional rap act Clipse — dropped My Name Is My Name, which most critics agree was one of the year’s best albums. (Even The New York Times gushed: “Pusha T is a technician who seethes but never breaks form. He’s a disciplined rapper, a relic of a different era.”)

These days, he’s been working with producer Scott Storch (Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Big Boi) on King Push, a highly anticipated follow-up. “Scott, he’s a great talent, a great creator,” Pusha T explains. “We got in there, and he made some heat — and he keeps sending me heat. So we’re gonna see what it’s going to turn into.”

Société Perrer’s Rana Good met up with the tireless hip-hop overachiever in a snowed-out New York City, where he was celebrating the fifth anniversary of Play Cloths, the clothing line he started five years back with No Malice, his brother and Clipse partner-in-rhyme. We asked Pusha T about his style, his relationship with old friends Kanye West and Pharrell Williams — and of course, what’s going on with that Clipse reunion we’re all itching for. As with everything he does, the rapper says modestly, “We’re just striving for more greatness.”

Shooter + Editor: Beto Vargas

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MTV World — Rebel Music – Israel & Palestine

Rebel Music is a new TV series about young people who are using art and music to create social change around the world. Capturing the sound of global revolution, it comprises six episodes, each one focusing on a different conflict area. Each episode tells the inspiring stories of several young artists and activists.

This episode of Rebel Music focuses on the work of musicians in both Israel and Palestine who are grappling with ongoing conflict in the region. Some use music as a way of building bridges, while others use it as a form of protest and a means of resistance. All are using creativity to fight for positive change.

Second Unit, New York + Shooter + Assistant Editor: Beto Vargas

(Source: mtviggy.com)

MTV Iggy — Arcade Fire: Behind the Scenes at the Biggest Music Experiment Yet

The day Arcade Fire released their instantly iconic album Reflektor MTV Iggy and Intel produced a concert with the hugely popular Canadian band playing on top of the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles, streaming it live around world as part of the Music Experiment. One crowd of costumed super fans, the biggest band in the world, gallons of silver confetti, and a lot of planning added up to one unforgettable secret show. Watch the video to see how it was done.

Producer + Shooter + Assistant Editor: Beto Vargas

(Source: mtviggy.com)

MTV Iggy — Dasha Luks Breaks the Ice in Moscow

Independent singer Dasha Luks is determined to push her way to the front of the pop pack. In our interview she told us about the lesson in assertiveness she learned from her very first show, revealed a bit about her artistic vision, and shared some moving words of support for Pussy Riot.

Producer + Shooter + Editor: Beto Vargas

(Source: mtviggy.com)

MTV Iggy — Ulises Hadjis — “Música Normal”

With harmonica and his whispery beatboxing on loop Venezuela’s Ulises Hadjis weaves a gentle lullaby he calls “Música Normal.” (He can call it whatever he wants, but, actually, it’s pretty extraordinary.)

Filmed on location at Fontana’s, New York, NY.

Producer + Shooter + Editor: Beto Vargas

(Source: mtviggy.com)

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